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Tractor Grousers
Carbon Steel
Primary Electrode: Page l-25
Alternate Electrodes: Pages l-22,1-20
Welding Procedures: Anneal induction-hardened
grousers before welding bar stock on grousers (Do not
hardface new grousers). Rebuild cleat to original
height by welding steel reinforcing bar stock to pad
with appropriate electrode on page 1-3. Mark grouser
FIGURE 2-10. Hard-Facing Tractor Grousers
lengths for three equal parts (Figure 2-10). Face outer
thirds by beginning passes from center and working
Ripper Teeth
out. Entire length of grouser can be faced if desired,
but method shown avoids stress buildup.
Carbon Steel
Primary Electrode: Page 1-26
Alternate Electrodes: Pages 1-25, 1-22


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