Quantcast Figure 2-13. Hard-Facing Bulldozer Blades

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Welding Procedures: Some ripper shanks are made of
difficult-to-weld steels but can be protected without
ever striking an arc on the base metal by fabricating a
sleeve that fits tightly around the shank. Cut side and
back panels from 1/2 in. mild steel plate; use 1 in. plow
steel for front panel. Join front and side panels with
mild steel electrodes and slip unit around shank
(Figure 2-14). Weld back panel in place. For manual
welding, apply above-mentioned electrodes in waffle
pattern on front panel and on side panels. Shanks
made of weldable steels can be protected by applying
same patterns directly on base metal.
FIGURE 2-13. Hard-Facing Bulldozer Blades
Riper Shanks
Carbon Steel
Primary Electrode: Page 1-26
Alternate Electrodes: Pages 1-25, 1-22


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