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Alternate Hard-face Electrodes: Pages 1-22, or 1-20
Manganese Steel
Primary Buildup Electrode: Page 1-22
Primary Hard-face Electrode: Page 1-26
Alternate Buildup Electrode: Page 1-20
Alternate Hard-face Electrodes: Pages 1-25, or 1-22
FIGURE 2-26. Hard-Facing Shovel
Welding Procedures: Buildup badly worn areas with
Bucket Tooth Adapters
recommended material. Apply stringer beads of
hard-facing alloy in waffle pattern over entire wearing
Shovel Latch Plates
surface (Figure 2-26). Use electrodes on page 1-25,
1-22, or 1-20 for areas of relatively moderate wear.
Carbon Steel
For extreme abrasion and impact, use electrodes on
pages 1-26, 1-25, or 1-22.
Primary Electrode: Page 1-24
Alternate Electrodes: Pages 1-5 or 1-3


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