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Dragline Pins
Rebuild bearing surface of pin using electrodes on
pages 1-24, 1-5, or 1-3. Grind to proper size.
Carbon Steel
Dragline Chains
Primary Electrode: Page 1-26
Carbon Steel
Alternate Electrodes: Pages 1-25 or 1-22
Primary Electrode: Page 1-24
Welding Procedures: Hard-face ends of pin using
above-mentioned electrodes (Figure 2-3 1).
Alternate Electrodes: Pages 1-5 or 1-3
Manganese Steel
Primary Electrode: Page 1-22
Alternate Electrode: Page 1-20
Welding Procedures: Rebuild link-to-link wear areas
on carbon steel and manganese steel chains using
above-mentioned electrodes (Figure 2-32). Hard-face
FIGURE 2-31. Hard-Facing and
outside wear areas of chains using electrodes on pages
Rebuilding Dragline Pins
1-27, 1-26, or 1-24.


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