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House Rings
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Primary Electrode: Page 1-24
Primary Electrode: Page 1-24
Alternate Electrodes: Pages 1-5 or 1-3
Alternate Electrodes: Pages 1-5 or 1-3
Welding Procedures: Shovel house rings should be
Welding Procedures: Most shafts are made of
preheated to 500F. Use recommended material to
weldable medium- or low-alloy steel and can be
bring ring to size and finish-machine (Figure 2-38).
reconditioned using the above-mentioned electrodes to
produce a check-free surface with outstanding physical
properties. Large shafts should be thoroughly
preheated to, and kept at, 600- 700F during
welding. Small shafts should be thoroughly soaked
with a preheat of 400- 500F. Slow cooling is
After observing preparatory procedures, deposit 1 in.
wide weave beads of the above-mentioned electrodes
longitudinaly across the shaft. Overbuild about 1/8 in.
FIGURE 2-38. Hard-Facing and Restoring Worn
to allow for finish-machining (Figure 2-39).
House Ring Gear Teeth


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