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Sheepsfoot Tampers
Carbon Steel
Primary Electrode: Page l-26
Alternate Electrodes: Pages l-22 or l-20
Welding Procedures: Drive short lengths of old pipe to
worn tamp. This can be done on round, square, or
rectangular tamps. To prevent hard metal spill during
hard-facing, seal the cup where it is joined to the
tamp. Fill hole in ring with above-mentioned
electrodes (Figure 2-57). Once welding begins, the
operation should be continued until entire tamp is
For best service life, hard-face tamps when they are
new, before putting them to work. Hard-face comers
and edges with a single wash pass of electrodes on
page 1-33, 1-32 or 1-29. Do not allow wear to
progress more than 3/16 in. before rehard-facing.


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