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pages 1-26, 1-25, or 1-22 to top of corrugations (Step
Crusher Jaws
C). Complete sides with hard-facing alloy (Step D).
Welding on the reverse side of jaw will normally
Crusher jaws are being rebuilt and hard-faced
correct minor distortion caused by shrinkage.
successfully, but they represent one of the most critical
applications in the crushing industry and close
adherence to welding procedures is a must.
If you overheat the jaw or allow it to warp too much, it
must be heated, straightened, reheated, and quenched -
uneconomical at best.
CAUTION: Do not overheat jaws made of manganese
(and almost all of them are). Prevent, or at least,
Wobbler Feeder
minimize warpage.
This rock feeding and scalping mechanism is subject to
Welding Procedures: Pre-bend the jaw in a heavy,
very high impact and severe abrasion. Use electrodes
tilting fixture fabricated of railroad rails or equivalent
on pages 1-22, or 1-20 to restore worn areas (Figure
(Figure 2-7 1). Skip weld to avoid overheating; do not
heat jaws above 5000 for prolonged periods. Tack
short manganese bars to jaws using electrodes on
pages 1-22 or 1-20, as shown in Step A of Figure
2-71. Complete fillet as shown in Step B. Buildup
sides of corrugations using the above-mentioned
electrodes and apply two layers of electrodes on


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