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Mix Base Alloys and matching reactors to specified ratios. Variances may cause failures. Mix
thoroughly until smooth lump-free consistency is achieved. Completed mix should be an even
color, without streaks.
Small quantities (1 unit or less) are easily mixed by hand for 2 to 5 minutes. Large quantities
should be mixed with a power paddle. A large mass will cure faster and working time is reduced.
When ambient temperature or temperature of surface is below 60F, compounds will not
achieve full strength. Low temperatures may inhibit hardening. Heat deposit and part being
repaired with indirect heat (lamp or warm air) to room temperature. In general, deposits harden
faster when parts and deposit are heated. CAUTION: DO NOT EXPOSE DEPOSITS
Smooth finishes can be obtained by placing a sheet of polyethylene or waxed paper over soft
deposits. Remove when hardened. Trowels or spreading tools can be moistened with water
between strokes for smoother deposits when applying.
Use M-50 Nobond Wax on surfaces not to be bonded. For detailed reproductions from molds and
patterns apply Nobond in several coats. Allow each coat to dry then buff before applying
additional coats. Brush a thin coat of compound on mold surfaces before casting the remainder of
the mix.


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