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Carbon Steel Pipe Welding
A MAPP gas flame, with its deep-soaking heat
Pipe welding studies comparing MAPP gas and
characteristic, is ideal for many brazing operations.
acetylene show that they allow comparable welding
When brazing with MAPP gas, use a tip approximately
speeds on pipe 2 in. or less in diameter. Oxy-acetylene
one size larger than that required for acetylene to
welding is somewhat faster on larger pipe.
produce an oxidizing flame. Heavy braze sections
usually require a tip that produces a bulbous flame.
Cast Iron Welding
Fluxing procedures and filler rod composition are
MAPP gas readily welds cast iron. Use a neutral flame
with a welding tip that produces a bulbous pattern.
Aluminum Welding
MAPP gas can be used in most common metallizing
equipment to spray any material that can be sprayed
Welding aluminum with MAPP gas requires a flame
using any other fuel gas. The conversion to MAPP gas
adjusted to slightly reducing. A welding tip that
can be accomplished with only minor equipment
produces a long pointed flame is best. Use the
modification. It is also very suitable for applications
standard procedures of precleaning, fluxing and
such as preheating work pieces and fusion of powder
Copper Welding
Weld copper with an oxidizing flame. A rod meeting
AWS Specification P Cu (phosphorous deoxidized
copper) offers best results.


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