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Start Up Procedure
There are some important points which should be
Slowly open the globe valve located downstream from
emphasized with regard to the use of antifreeze in
the regulator. This valve is opened slowly to prevent
flashback arrestors. Use antifreeze with no water
closing the excess flow valve in the tank. Turn on,
for all interior flashback arrestors. For flashback
electric power to the vaporizer.
arrestors installed outdoors, use a solution of 90
percent single phase glycol-based antifreeze and 10
Temporary Shutdown Procedure
percent water. This will prevent freezing down to
a temperature of -27F.
Close the globe valve located downstream from the
The percentage of water in antifreeze should be
kept to a minimum because water vapor is harmful
Extended Shutdown Procedure
to MAPP gas pipe lines (rust) and to MAPP gas
flames (lower flame temperature).
Close the globe valve located downstream from the
regulator. Turn off electric power to vaporizer.
A good grade, one phase glycol-based antifreeze
should be used. The two phase (oil added)
CAUTION: Only authorized trained personnel are to
anti-freeze, such as Prestone, should not be used.
adjust the line pressure regulator and the
Some single phase antifreezes are listed below:
pressure-temperature controls within the vaporizer.
(1) Weatherset Antifreeze& Summer Coolant


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