Quantcast Craft Time Adjustment Application Procedure

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Craft Time Adjustment (CTA) can be used to modify EPS task times
in this book. Use CIA only when work content comparison shows the
planned job to require more or less work than the listed task.
a.  The CTA Chart shows the amount that, the calculated EPS craft
time can be adjusted up or down (+/-) after occurrences have been
multiplied by the Task-Time-Standard. The CTA HOURS are based on the
differences between EPS Group Times (see DESKGUIDE Table 2.1).
CTA Application Steps
(1) Select the proper EPS task by reading and understanding
the EPS task descriptions and the Task-Time-Standard
details in the back of the hard copy EPS Handbook.
(2) Use the normal procedure of writing the selected EPS task
reference, description, unit hours, occurrence and
calculated EPS CRAFT TIME. (Write 'WCC' below the EPS
reference (Col #7) if Work Content Comparison is used.)
(3) Decide if CTA is needed, based on P-E craft knowledge.
If so, look up the EPS CRAFT TIME range and determine the
CTA HOURS from the CTA Chart. Note: Use only the plus
or minus value indicated under CTA hours shown.  Do not
select from a range.
On a separate JPCS line, just below the related EPS task:
(4) Write "CTA" in the Reference column (#7).
(5) Write a short explanation for the CTA in the Description
column (#8).  Compare the work content to the EPS task.
(6) leave the Unit Hours column (#9a) blank.
(7) Show a "+" or "-" sign in the Occurrence column (#9b).
(When using a "-", remember to subtract while totaling.)
(8) Write the CTA time in the Craft Time column (#9c). (Only
use one CTA occurrence per EPS task.)
For conditions needing adjustment time exceeding CTA hours:
(9) Write a non-EPS estimate or select another EPS task.


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