Quantcast Evaluation Criteria, Grades and Definitions

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(1)  Performance Evaluation Board.  A performance evaluation board
(PEB) composed of selected technical and administrative personnel from
the (Activity) will evaluate the contractor's performance as related to
the criteria listed herein.
The PEB will make specific performance
evaluations each month.  Within (# of days) following the end of each
evaluation period, the PEB will submit a formal evaluation report to the
Fee  Determination  Official  (FDO).
The  PEB  report  will  include  a
recommendation as to the numerical grade rating supported by a narrative
of each element evaluated.  A copy of the PEB's report will be furnished
to the contractor within (# of days) following the end of the evaluation
period.  The PEB is also responsible for considering proposed changes in
this plan and recommending those changes to the FDO.
Contractor Self-Evaluation.
The Contractor shall submit
within (# of days) following the end of the evaluation period a concise,
written self-evaluation of his performance limited to approximately 5
This report will be submitted to the Contracting Officer for
transmittal to the FDO.
(3)  Fee Determination Official.  The Fee Determination Official
(FDO) will determine the amount of award fee, if any, to be paid to the
The FDO will review the Performance Evaluation Board's
(PEB's) report, the contractor's self-evaluation, and take such other
action and consider such other facts pertinent to this contractor's
performance as is required to determine the numerical rating and the
amount of the performance award fee for the evaluation period under
The Contracting Officer will notify the contractor in
writing of the FDO's decision within (# of days) after the end of the
evaluation period.  The contractor will submit an invoice in accordance
with the Contracting Officer's instructions.  The decision of the FDO is
final and shall not be subject to the Disputes clause.
d.  Evaluation Criteria, Grades and Definitions.  Percentages will be
assigned to each criterion according to the relative order of importance
determined by the Government using the grades, definitions and criteria
presented herein.  A rating will be assigned for each major evaluation
criterion for each period.  The performance criteria and weighting will
be applied to arrive at a weighted score.
Grades and Definitions.
Any changes to the award fee determination criteria which
shall  apply  during  each  award  fee  period  will  be  provided  to  the
contractor in writing by the Contracting Officer at least (# of days)
prior to the start of each award fee period.  Notification at a later
date or alteration of criteria, including added criteria, after an award
fee period has begun must be agreed to by both parties.
The award fee determination criteria for award fee are
established herein.


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