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The Contractor shall comply with all applicable Station regulations and shall take measures as required to
familiarize his personnel with the provisions of pertinent regulations. A complete list of effective
Instructions is available. The Contractor is specifically notified of the following
a. 3141.1G
Establishment of Snow Conditions and Coordinating Related Policy dated __________
b. 3301.1B
Emergency Action Plan dated __________
c. 3440.16
Disaster Preparedness Plan dated __________
d. 4101.1A
Energy Management Program dated __________
e. 4235.3B
Coffee Messes dated __________
f. 4700.1H
Procedures for Requesting Public Works Services dated __________
g. 5070.1F
General and Technical Libraries dated __________
h. 5100.4D
Safety and Occupational Health Manual dated __________
i. 5355.1A
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Control dated __________
j. 5370.1F
Standards of Conduct dated __________
k. 5510.5G
Physical and Loss Prevention Manual dated __________
l. 5510.16C
Searches, Seizures, and Disposition of Property Seized and
Withheld as Evidence dated __________
m. 11320.3D
Fire Protection and Fire Prevention Manual dated __________
n. 12610.2A
Hours of Work and Overtime dated __________
o. 12713.3B
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program, Policy, Organization
and Responsibilities for dated __________


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