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NOTE:  The Pre-Award Survey paragraph should be included in all contracts.
Minor modifications in the paragraph shown can be made.  Major expansion of
the paragraph to include technical plans, management plans, pre-award
technical qualifications, etc., are not acceptable in most cases.  Major
modifications of the paragraph require PRIOR APPROVAL BY EFD/EFA/PWC CODE
O2/200 and will be considered only in those specifications involving complex
technical issues that are not Small Business Set-Aside.
The Government may make a pre-award survey of the low conforming bidder to
determine whether such bidder is qualified and capable of performing the
contract.  The pre-award survey will involve examination of the bidder's
financial and technical status and understanding of the contract
requirements.  The following are examples of the information that, upon
request, the bidder shall be required to provide in writing to the pre-award
survey team.  Requested information shall be forwarded within three days of
request.  Failure to provide requested information, or a determination,
after review of the information, of the bidder's non-responsibility, may
result in bid rejection.
a.  Identification of the Contractor's personnel and management to be
used on this contract.
b.  The Contractor's technical and management plans for performing
required services.
Description of Contractor's facilities and equipment.
d.  Summary of the Contractor's experience in performing work of the
type required by this specification.
Current financial statements and data.
Other work presently under contract.
g.  Prior contracts for similar work, and the names and addresses of
individuals with the organization issuing the contract who may be contacted
for information concerning the Contractor's performance.
Contractor Quality Control plan for this contract.


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