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b)  The amount of copper and/or fiber optic horizontal
distribution cable required to serve the workstations from the
nearest telecommunications closet;
c)  The type and size of the horizontal pathways, given
the type of floor and ceiling construction;
The number of telecommunications closets and their
e)  The size of the copper (voice) and fiber optic
local area network (LAN) vertical distribution cables serving
each floor;
The number of vertical ducts or sleeves serving
each floor;
The size of the fiber optic and/or copper entrance
cables; and
h)  The size of the cable entrance facility, including
the service entrance.
Note:  Without the actual construction plans it will
not be possible to determine the exact locations of the
telecommunications closets but given the square footage of usable
floor space the number and size of the closets can be estimated.
Objective.  The objective of the planning evolution is
the development of an input to the telecommunications portion of
the DD Form 1391.  This baseline figure is a composite of the
costs projected to engineer, furnish, and install requisite
horizontal cabling systems to support the anticipated user
population over the expected life cycles of both the voice and
data systems and vertical backbone cabling and pathways designed
to support upgrades in the horizontal system for the life of the
Base telecommunications support is predicated upon
the availability of the existing telephone, data, and
distribution systems to provide the necessary connectivity and
system access to the increased user population.  The assessment
of plant-in-place outside plant, switching and routing systems,
and the engineering required to modify or expand them, is not
addressed in this handbook.
Design.  The planning, design and installation of a
building or campus telecommunications infrastructure requires the
selection of appropriate hardware, cable and support structures,
and decisions regarding types of pathways and topologies.  The
Building Industry Consultant Services International (BICSI)

Western Governors University

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