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Single Family Housing.  As described in MIL-HDBK-1035,
Family Housing, single family housing is usually provided with
telephone service by the local exchange carrier (LEC).  During
the construction phase, the Contractor shall be instructed to
provide a direct burial six pair, 24 AWG cable from the property
line, to the demarcation point in the building.  In cases where
the housing units are located within the confines of the
Government facility and the outside plant is Government-owned,
the distribution cables from several housing units should be run
to a consolidation point, e.g., a pedestal or manhole, adjacent
to the main telephone feeder cable run, since there is no
property line associated with each unit.  The six pair cable to
the building is termed the "distribution cable."  When attached
to the demarcation point, it shall be properly grounded and
terminated on lightning protectors.  The demarcation point will
serve to separate the LECs facilities and the premises wiring.  A
cable distribution device, capable of terminating eight LEC
distribution pairs shall be mounted within 30 cm (12 in.) from
the demarcation point.  This distribution device will serve as an
administration point and the origin of the star configured
station drops to the various rooms.  Cable distribution within
single family housing units shall be installed in accordance with
EIA/TIA 570.  At a minimum, one CAT 3 UTP four pair cable shall
be dedicated to each of the following rooms:  kitchen/dining
area, master bedroom, and the family/great room.  These rooms
will be configured with at least three jacks.  Provide a
dedicating second line to the family room and consider an
additional line to other bedrooms and the study or den where
feasible.  Figure 8 depicts a typical two-story unit.  The actual
locations of jacks is dependent upon the floor plan of the unit.
Each wall with an unbroken length of 4 m (12 ft.) or greater
shall be configured with a telephone jack.  The total
configuration should ensure that no horizontal baseboard run can
be made in excess of 8.3 m (25 ft.) before encountering a
telephone jack.  Jacks shall be a single or dual port flush-
mounted wall plate configured with an eight-pin modular jack,
wired in accordance with EIA/TIA 568.  EIA/TIA 568 wiring may be
substituted where specifically required by associated equipment.
Up to three jacks within the same room, served by the same
primary line, may be ganged together in series.  Double gang, 103
cm ( 4 in.) square boxes shall be installed in the wall to
accommodate the termination of the cables.  Pathways equipped
with pull string shall be provided back to the distribution
device; 21 mm (3/4 in.) EMT is recommended.  Each station cable
shall be run from the distribution device in a star
configuration.  In the case of U.S. Army construction, family
housing shall be wired in accordance with architectural
engineering instructions (AEI) for family housing.

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