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screen.  The drain wire makes grounding and bonding of the
shields easier. Shields and drain wires shall be bonded together
in splices and to the building grounds at each end of the cable.
To minimize the possibility that electronic equipment
located on various floors may be operating at different ground
potentials, a single point ground system shall be established.  A
separate copper ground cable, 6 AWG or larger, as specified by
EIA/TIA 607, shall be run adjacent to the vertical copper
backbone cables and extended to each telecommunications closet
where it shall be terminated on a bus bar.  The bus bar shall
also be connected to structural ground where possible.  Within
each closet, racks and cabinets shall be connected to the bus
bar.  At the entrance room the single point ground cable shall be
grounded by extending the cable (system ground) within a 16 mm
(1/2 in.) EMT conduit to the main electrical panel and connecting
the cable to the panel ground (service entrance ground).  Do not
connect to the neutral conductor.

Western Governors University

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