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Telecommunications Engineering, Outside Plant Telephone, Part 2 -
Design Considerations for Cable and Wire Facilities,
USA FM 11-486-5
Chapter 5 - Coaxial and Fiber Optic Cable Facilities
Chapter 7 - Underground Conduit and cable Plant
Chapter 8 - Aerial Cable Plant
Telecommunications, Part 1910.268 (o) (1) through (3),
Telecommunications - Underground Lines - Manhole Safety,
CFR Title 29 Labor, Chapter XVII, OSHA
Test for Flame Propagation and Smoke Density Values for
Electrical and Optical Fiber Cables Used in Spaces
Transporting Environmental Air, UL 91O
Transient Protection, Grounding, Bonding and Shielding
Requirements for Electronic Equipment, FAA-STD-020b
Underground Conduit and Manhole Design and Construction,
Section 643, REA TE&CM
Underground Manholes and Cable Vaults - Testing and Ventilation
Procedures, GTE 628-020-016
Voice/Data Telephone Systems, Chapter 5, Grounding, TM 5-811-9

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