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Demarcation point.  A point where ownership or operational
control transfers.  When pertaining to the transfer of
operational control between the LEC and the Government, this
point is referred to as the main point of presence (MPOP).
Distribution frame.  A structure with terminations for connecting
permanent cables in such as manner as to facilitate orderly
cross-connection, documentation, and management.
Buried conduit.
Equipment room.  A telecommunications closet, also functioning as
the interface between inside and outside backbone cables, houses
the primary switching and hubbing equipment and serves as the
interface point between occupants of the building and outside
networks serving the building.  The point where the entrance
facility terminates.
Ground.  A conducting connection, whether intentional or
accidental, between an object, usually an electrical circuit, and
earth potential.
Horizontal cabling.  The cable between and including the work
station wall outlet and the horizontal cross-connect in the
telecommunications closet.
Jumper.  An assembly of twisted pairs without connectors, used to
cross-connect voice grade cabling.
Refer to horizontal cabling.
Media.  Wire, cables, conductors, radio frequency, and infrared
signals used for telecommunications connectivity.
Modular jack.  A standard female telecommunications outlet used
to provide a means of repeatedly connecting equipment to
permanent cabling.  A modular jack may contain either six or
eight pins and may or may not be keyed.
Modular plug.  A male telecommunications connector used to
terminate a station cable or patch cord to a modular jack.
Multimode fiber optic cable.  An optical fiber which allows more
than one mode to propagate.  The resultant intermodal dispersion
causes signal deterioration which limits distance.

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