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Concrete wales and anchor walls should be reinforced on both faces and not
simply in accordance with the theoretical moment diagram.  The use of high
steel in tie rods should be approached with caution to assure that the steel
is capable of several percent elongation without fracture.
f)  Where the anchorage depends on passive earth pressure, place
and compact backfill around anchorage before filling against the bulkhead.
g)  In the filling of a relieving platform-type structure, the
area at the back end of the platform should be filled to deck level, the deck
placed over the batter piles, and filling continued to grade.  This will
provide load on the batter piles to assist in resisting the tension which will
be caused by the tension in the tie rod.  The deck area adjacent to the sheets
may then be placed and fill completed.
h)  When placing hydraulic fill, the discharge line should be
located on or in front of the anchorage line.  Drainage openings should be
provided in sheet piles at about 100 ft (30.5 m) intervals.
Appurtenances.  Fender system, fittings, utility services, aids to
navigation, and other appurtenances shall be provided.  References in this
handbook list applicable sources.

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