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Provisions and Geometric Design for Roads, Streets, Walks, and Open Storage
Areas, for criteria for pavements and roads.  Access roads to aircraft weapons
ranges will be run diagonal to the aircraft run-in lines.
Restricted Area Airspace. For restricted area airspace criteria to
be Applied to target and range requirements for aircraft weapons, refer to
NAVFAC P-80.  Requests for designation, alteration. establishment. or
revocation of s p e c i a l e airspace shall follow the procedures outlined In
OPNAVINST 3770.2G, Airspace Procedures Manual. The Federal Aviation Act of
1958 charges the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with ensuring the safe
and efficient use of the nation's airspace by military as well as civilian
Range Design Review. Range facilities shall be built in accordance
with current safety standards at time of design. This is particularly
important because of new weapons constantly coming Into the weapons arsenal
and personnel training is often performed on existing ranges developed for
older weapons and ammunition.  Where existing range construction and surface
danger zone characteristics are not in conformance with design criteria
requirements, range evaluation and design recommendations nay be obtained by
requesting assistance from COMNAVFACENGCOM.
Security. Provide manned or unmanned barriers to prevent passage of
personnel or vehicles through the range during operation. Display red flags
during firing and provide blinking red lights to supplement red flags at
night.  Install signs warning of danger, trespassing, and removal of items on
ranges.  Include security precautions for areas made hazardous because of
jettisonned casings and links from aircraft firing at ground targets.
Coordinate range security with explosive ordnance removal operations. At
remote or unmanned equipment installations, security fencing may be necessary
to protect Against vandalism and trespass.  When security fencing is required,
refer to NAVFAC DM-5.12, Fencing, Gates, and Guard Towers.
Support Facilities. Facilities which may be common to all ranges
include the following:
a) Targets (expendable, not pert of design criteria).
b) Target storage.
c) Bunkers, trenches, and protective barriers for protection of
d) Range control towers.
e) Firing and maneuvering platforms for heavy weapons.
f) Toilets.
g) Range poles, banners, markers, and signs.

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