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Surface Designation.  The corners or extremities of the surface
danger area shall be marked by permanent radar-reflective markers to
facilitate positive identification from the air. Fire Protection.  In an area which is wooded or covered with other
flammable vegetation, firebreaks shall be provided as required by the local
fire protection engineer.
Targets.  The impact area should encompass various types of terrain
to provide more realistic training.  Individual targets shall be determined by
the local commands and may simulate the following: convoys, gun emplacements.
mortar pits, airstrips, tanks, troops, and parked sircraft.  Typical close air
support targets are shown in Facility Plate No. 179-10, Sheet 24.  For details
of various targets, see Facility Plate No. 179-10, Sheet 25.
Control Tower. Provide one control tower for each target site.
Control towers shall conform to the requirements for Strafing Range Control
Towers with modifications as follow in paras through
Water and Sanitary Systems.  If a range is operated on a full time
basis, a water supply system and sanitary facilities shall be provided. All
water supply and pollution control system development should consider criteria
contained in MIL-HDBK-1005/7, Water Supply Systems, and MIL-HDBK-1005/8,
Pollution Control Systems. Security.  Provide for locking and securing the tower if it is to be
vacated for prolonged periods of time.  In remote areas, provide fencing
around tower to reduce tower access and control vandalism. Safety.
Locate towers to provide maximum safety for operating
personnel. Visibility.  Locate towers to provide maximum visual coverage of
range areas consistent with local topography and vegetation.
Spotting Towers. Provide two spotting towers for each designated
target site.  The spotting towers shall meet the same requirements as those
specified for control towers.
Firehouse.  In an impact area which is wooded or covered with other
flammable vegetation, provide one building to house firefighting equipment.
It shall meet the same requirements as those specified for control towers
concerning weather protection, personnel safety, water supply, sanitary
facilities, and locking and securing.
Equipment. For control towers and spotting towers, provide the same
equipment as specified for High-altitudes Level-bombing Ranges (refer to para
4.4).  If the firehouse is not immediately adjacent to the control tower, it

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