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Landscaping Products
Hydraulic Mulch
Yard Trimmings Compost
Non-Paper OffIce Products
Office recycling containers
Office waste receptacles
Plastic desktop accessories
Remanufactured toner cartridges
Plastic Trash Bags
In addition to proposing to designate the 21 new items, EPA also identified items that
could potentially be designated at a later time depending on the receipt of additional
information; identified items that are not candidates for designation based on our analysis that
it would be inappropriate to do so; announced our intention to establish a process for the
public to suggest items that could be added to future updates of the CPG; and requested
comment on how EPA might be able to increase public participation in developing future
updates to the CPG.
EPA also proposed to delete outdated guidance found in 40 CFR Part 247, which pre-
dated the 1934 amendments to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and to
consolidate the existing five procurement guidelines and new item designations
into a new Part 247. The proposed new Part 247 would consist of two subparts: Subpart A
-- General, which included the general requirements of RCRA section 6002 and definitions,
and Subpart B -- Item Designations (see 59 FR 18862; April 20, 1994). As explained in the
preamble to the proposed CPG, EPA did not seek comment on the existing item designations
for paper and paper products, re-refined lubricating oil, building insulation, cement and
concrete containing fly ash, or retread tires.
The legal basis, methodology, and factual conclusions that formed the basis of the
proposal were described in substantial detail in the notice of proposed rulemaking (see 59 FR
18853 - 18882). In addition, EPA published a listing of additional documents that supported
the proposal and that were made available for review in EPA's RCRA Information Center
(see 59 FR 18885 - 18886). Interested persons were invited to participate in the rulemaking
by submitting written comments by June 20, 1994.
The following sections of this document describe the requirements of RCRA section
6002 and Executive Order 12873; explain the basis for designating specific products as
procurement items subject to RCRA section 6002 describe the revisions to the building
insulation guideline, and explain how the CPG incorporates and recodifies the existing five
guidelines into a revised 40 CFR Part 247. A related background documents entitled "RMAN

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