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(4) Availability and Competition
Is the item available from an adequate number of sources to ensure
Is the item generally available, rather than available in a limited market
For each item meeting one or more of these key criteria, EPA sought additional
information and conducted further analyses to determine whether the item met all or most of
the remaining criteria. For some items, EPA was unable to obtain sufficient information to
determine if all or most of the criteria were met. Thus, baaed on product reviews and,
additional analyses, EPA developed three product lists: (1) a list of items that EPA proposed
for de&nation on April 20, 1994, (2) a list of items that, might be designated in the near
future pending receipt of additional information and further review, and (3) a list of item's
that EPA determined cannot be designated at this time because of limited availability,
unreasonable price, or the inability of manufacturers at this time to produce these items with
recovered materials content. As previously noted, however, there may be cases in which a
particular item is not currently being made with recovered materials, but a similar item is.
In those cases where EPA believes there is no technical reasons that prevent an item from
being made with recovered materials and there is a demonstrated use of recovered materials
in a similar item, the Agency may consider designating that item even though it is not
currently being made with recovered materials.
The items in the first list are discussed in detail in sections X-XVI of this document.
For items on the second list, EPA requested additional information in the proposed CPG (see
59 FR 18881, April 20, 1994). The Agency will consider this information in developing
future updates to the CPC. These items are discussed in section XVII. Items included in the
third list published in the proposed CPG, those that cannot be designated at this time, are
discussed in section XVIII.
2. Recommended Recovered Materials Content Levels
For most of the items designated in the CPG, EPA is recommending recovered
materials content levels. These recommendations are contained in the related RMAN, which
was also published in the FEDERAL REGISTER on the same date as the CPG. T h e p u r p o s e
of the recommendations is to assist procuring agencies in fulfilling their obligations under
RCRA section 6002 and Executive Order 12873 to purchase designated items composed of
the highest percentages of recovered materials practicable. To determine the percentages of
recovered materials contained in the designated items, EPA identified and evaluated pertinent
data sources and information. First, for the items EPA previously considered for
designation, EPA reviewed the previously-gathered data. EPA also gathered and evaluated
publicly-available information and information provided by other Federal agencies.
Additionally, in the case of items considered for designation subsequent to issuance of the

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