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3. Updates of the CPG and RMAN
Section 502 of Executive Order 12873 directed EPA to quickly propose a list of items
that are available with recovered materials content and to recommend recovered materials
content levels for these items. As described above, EPA relied on a streamlined process for
conducting research and obtaining product information. To meet the 180-day deadline in the
Executive Order, EPA determined that it would be necessary to rely on information already
in its possession or readily available. Therefore, EPA focused its efforts on obtaining
publicly-available information, and information that EPA could quickly obtain from other
Federal agencies.
The E.O. requires EPA to update the CPG annually. EPA will also update the
RMAN periodically to reflect changes in market conditions. In the proposed CPG, the
Agency announced it would establish a process for the public to suggest items for
consideration and to provide information on products made from recovered materials. The
proposal also solicited public comment on possible options for increasing public participation
in developing updates to the CPG and RMAN. EPA did not receive any comments
specifically relating to this issue. EPA intends to establish such a process and issue a future
FEDERAL REGISTER notice that will describe this process and provide information on how
the public can participate.
EPA requested information and comment throughout the proposed CPG. In general,
the Agency requested comments on (1) the items selected for designation; (2) the items
selected for potential future designation; and (3) the accuracy of the information presented in
the proposed item designations themselves. Requests for specific comments and information
were included in the narrative discussions for each of the items proposed for designation.
EPA received over 300 comments. The commenters represented state agencies, local
governments, product manufacturers, product users, Federal agencies, public interest groups,
waste management companies, and members of Congress. EPA carefully considered all of
these comments in developing the final CPG. A summary of the comments, including those
on specific item designations and the Agency's responses are provided in the sections that
follow. A copy of all comments received by the Agency have been placed in the public

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