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Non-Paper Office Products - equipment and accessories used by government
agencies and businesses to perform daily operational and administrative
functions of an office. Examples of non-paper office products include toner
cartridges, desktop accessories, and waste receptacles.
Miscellaneous Products - includes all other products not covered by the
categories listed above.
No commenters opposed the item categories. In the final CPG, EPA used the
categories as proposed.
As previously discussed in this document, EPA issued a paper procurement guideline
in 1988. The guideline establishes recovered materials content levels for various paper
products, including printing and writing papers. Section 504 of Executive Order 12873
establishes minimum content levels for specified uncoated printing and writing papers
purchased by Federal executive agencies. These levels replace EPA's 1988 recommenda-
On March 15, 1995, EPA issued a draft Paper Products RMAN to revise the existing
procurement guideline for paper and paper products (see 60 FR 14182). That draft RMAN
incorporates the minimum content levels established by the Executive Order, recommends
recovered materials levels for other paper products, and revises some of the definitions used
in the 1988 guideline. In addition, the draft paper RMAN addresses a variety of issues that
have been raised as procuring agencies have implemented affirmative procurement programs
for paper products containing recovered materials. In the CPG, EPA includes the existing
paper and paper products designation and related definitions issued in 1988. The CPG will
be amended, as needed, to include any changes resulting from the issuance of the final paper
RMAN. EPA is not including any of the 1995 draft recommended recovered materials
Content levels for paper products in Part A of the RMAN because the Agency is still
accepting comments on them. When the final, paper Products RMAN is issued; the
recommendations will replace the recommendations made for paper products in Part A of the
Federal Executive agencies should note that, beginning December 31, 1994, the
recycled content levels in the Executive Order are applicable to their purchases of printing
and writing papers.

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