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nylon fiber with postconsumer resin content. The designation applies only to polyester
carpet because that is the only type of carpet that currently is available with recovered
materials content. EPA encourages nylon fiber and carpet manufacturers to keep the Agency
apprised of the status of their efforts. If nylon carpet made with postconsumer recovered
materials becomes available, EPA will evaluate it as a potential procurement item in a future
update to the CPG.
e. Designation of carpet underlay. One manufacturer requested that EPA designate a
carpet underlay made of up to 15 percent recovered tire rubber.
EPA will. consider the feasibility of designating carpet underlay in a future revision to
the CPG.
3. Rationale for Designation
EPA believes that polyester carpet fiber meets the statutory criteria for selecting items
for designation.
a. Use of materials in solid waste. EPA has identified two manufacturers that make
carpet fiber from postconsumer PET (i.e., polyester), The main source of postconsumer
PET is recovered soft drink bottles, which arc washed, ground, melted, extruded, and then
spun into fiber. As discussed above in section II.A, plastic, including PET, is a significant
portion of the nation's municipal solid waste.
b. Technically proven uses. One manufacturer of carpet containing recovered PET
offers carpet in one commercial style and 100 to 150 residential styles of carpet; the carpet is
marketed nationally. The other manufacturer of carpet containing recovered PET offers-
carpet in 1,800 patterns, and in 70 colors; the carpet also is marketed nationwide. This
manufacturer currently has a contract under GSA's New Item Introductory Schedule for
polyester carpet containing recovered materials. Roth companies claim that their products
meet applicable performance requirements. Carpet containing recovered materials has been
installed in several Federal and state government buildings. For example, the U.S. Forest
Service has installed a polyester carpet containing recovered materials in a visitor's center in
Gainsville, Georgia; and the General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service, has
installed such carpet in offices in San Francisco, California. According to the agencies'
contacts, the carpet is performing well thus far; however, no data has been gathered on its
wear performance.
There are numerous specifications that must be considered when purchasing carpet.
ASTM has several test methods for carpet fiber; including abrasion resistance, electrostatic
propensity, flammability, specific optical density of smoke, colorfastness, pilling and fuzzing
resistance, and fiber tuft bind. Other organizations that have standards pertaining to carpet
include the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, and the Carpet and Rug
Institute. During the public comment period, EPA did not receive information on any

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