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20, 1994). The Agency received no additional information in this regard and is not aware of
any specifications that preclude the use of recovered materials in the manufacture of floor
tiles or patio blocks.
a. Floor tiles. Floor tiles are used in a variety of applications, including office
spaces, entranceways, bathrooms, laboratories, and hallways. EPA has information on 10
manufacturers and/or distributors of floor tiles containing recovered materials. The
recovered materials used in these products include rubber derived from old tires, and various
plastic' resins, most commonly PVC (i.e., vinyl).
Five of the 10 companies make or distribute floor tiles that contain postconsumer tire
rubber. Some of these companies add a small amount of virgin rubber, adhesive fabric, or
coloring agents to their products. All five of these companies market their products
nationally for applications such as entrance Ways in airports and stores, furniture showrooms,
skating rinks, and fitness centers.
In addition, five of these companies nationally market floor tiles made from recovered
PVC, including some postconsumer resin. A few types of floor tile are made with
preconsumer PVC from swimming pool liners, roof membranes, and automobile dashboard
cutouts. These tiles are used in various applications, such as fitness centers, bathrooms, and
cafeterias. One type of floor tile is made from 90-100 percent preconsumer recovered PVC
and is used for laboratories, work stations, shopping, malls, schools, restaurants, office
buildings, and other applications. Another type of tile is interlocking and made of
postconsumer PVC from car doors and fender strips. These tiles are generally used for
heavyduty applications such as entrance vestibules, work areas behind cashier counters, and
under heavy equipment, in fitness centers. EPA has no information indicating that floor tiles
containing recovered materials are used in applications such as general office flooring.
b. Patio blocks. Patio blocks are used in the construction of patio areas and
walkways for gardens and trails. EPA has information on six manufacturers of patio blocks
made with recovered materials. The recovered materials used to make these products include
rubber derived from old tires and blends of plastics resins (e.g., HDPE and LDPE), rubber
and plastic, and rubber and wood.
2. Summary of Comments and Agency's Response
a. Scope of floor tile designation. The Agency did not receive any comments in
opposition to its designation of floor tiles. However, commenters explained that floor tiles
containing recovered materials are not typically used in certain applications, such as for
standard office flooring. Commenters explained that their use has been limited to certain
heavy-duty applications.
EPA is not aware of any floor tiles containing recovered materials being used in
standard office flooring applications; consistent with information submitted by commenters,

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