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EPA identified several manufacturers and distributors of Type I and Type II traffic
barricades containing recovered fiberglass and plastics, including HDPE, and blends of
EPA acknowledges that the wood panels used in the manufacture of certain traffic
barricades may contain recovered wood and additionally acknowledges that all of the steel
used in the manufacture of traffic barricades contains recovered scrap metal. The Agency is
also aware that some traffic barricades are made with recovered steel and, in the proposed
CPG, requested information on the use of both recovered wood and steel in the manufacture
of traffic barricades (see 59 FR 18875, April 20, 1994). Commenters submitted some
information regarding the use of recovered steel in the manufacture of steel products. This
information is discussed in the supporting analyses for the related RMAN also located in the
RCRA public docket.
c. Other traffic control devices. Other temporary traffic control devices, such as
tubular markers, drums, or vertical panels, can serve the same purposes as traffic cones and
barricades. Tubular markers are defined in section 6C-3, vertical panels in section 6C-5,
and drums in section 6C-7 of the MUTCD.
EPA identified one manufacturer of vertical panels using recovered polypropylene and
crumb rubber and one manufacturer of tubular markers using recovered PVC and crumb
rubber.  Because there would be insufficient competition in supplying these two items
containing recovered materials, EPA did not propose to designate these items. In addition,
because EPA was unable to identify any manufacturers of drums using recovered materials,
the Agency also did not propose to designate drums.
2. Summary of Comments and Agency's Response,
a. Designation of traffic cones and traffic barricades. No commenters opposed the
designation of either traffic cones or' traffic barricades.
b. Other devices. No commenters opposed the decision not to designate other types
of traffic control devices.
3. Rationale for Designation
EPA believes that temporary traffic control devices satisfy the statutory criteria for
selecting items for designation.
a. Use of materials in solid waste. As discussed above in section II.A, plastic and
rubber are significant components of the solid waste stream. Roth of these materials are
technically and economically feasible to recover for reuse, and additional markets for them
are needed.

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