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This document contains criteria for the design of Navy and Marine Corps aircraft maintenance
facilities, except most Naval Aviation Depots (NADEPs), to support the Naval Aviation
Maintenance Program in accordance with Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV), OPNAVINST
4790.2, The Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP).
Other Design Considerations
Aircraft maintenance officers of shore activities are to be closely consulted from project
definition through the entire design effort of any project related to the construction, repair, or
modernization of aircraft organizational and intermediate facilities (refer to Volume 1 of
OPNAVINST 4790.2). This is to ensure that technical requirements for specific aircraft
maintenance and testing procedures as outlined in Naval Air (NAVAIR) technical manuals
receive proper consideration in the design of these facilities.
Facility Plates
Facility plates included in the handbook are provided to show conceptual data that shows key
features of the hangar module, functional layouts, design data and similar pertinent data. Plates
are furnished as a design guide to assist in planning a new facility. Plates are representative of
generic type of hangar for a possible squadron layout. Variations to the plans are to be
determined by the using activity, the design activity, and the designer of record during the
development of the design. It should be noted that all squadrons may operate differently based
on the type of aircraft maintained, the type of squadron, and other specific operational criteria.
The responsibility of the design rests with the designer of record.
Planning Criteria
Naval aviation is a highly dynamic field and maintenance concepts depend increasingly on state-
of-the-art computer technology. Planning factors in NAVFAC P-80, Facility Planning Criteria
for Navy and Marine Corps Shore Installations, and design criteria included in the NAVFAC
criteria manuals are guides that must be used with specific weapons system facilities requirement
documents (FRD) to design a fully usable aviation facility. NAVAIR Facilities Management
Division, Fleet Support Branch, works with the weapons systems developers to identify unique
aviation facility requirements. NAVAIR engineering personnel are available during design and
construction to provide specialized expertise to NAVFAC or to arrange for weapons system
manufacturers' representatives to attend design reviews if requested by NAVFAC Engineering
Field Divisions (EFDs) or Engineering Field Activities (EFAs) or aviation facility users.
Building Functions
Naval and Marine Corps shore aircraft maintenance complexes consist of buildings and mobile

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