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Underground Lines
Locate underground utilities to minimize the cost and effort of performing maintenance.
Normally, utility lines of all types should not be located under hangars, parking lots, sidewalks,
and other paved areas. All underground utility lines, mains, and conduits are to be located at the
minimum depth required in accordance with local code, frost line and water table requirements,
and, when possible, in common corridors to allow for ready access and maintenance. Locate
utilities to allow for future expansion of the flightline.
The design, location, visibility and access should be considered for protective construction
measures to reduce vulnerability to action or sabotage.
Storm Drainage
Design the storm drainage system, including gutters, drains, inlets and culverts, to carry the
anticipated runoff, including runoff from melting snow. Provide inlets where necessary to
intercept surface flow. The building up of undeveloped areas may have a noticeable effect on
installation drainage facilities; major alterations of extensions to storm sewers and drainage
channels may be required because of the location and design of new facilities.
Water Service
Provide water service loop with proper valving to maximize reliability.
Sanitary Sewer
Coordinate hangar elevations with the existing sanitary sewer elevation to avoid the need for
ejection pumps where feasible. Capture oily wastewater contaminants from the hangar bay
trench system with oil/water separators.
AFFF Containment
Runoff from the hangar bay (OH space) trenches during activation of the AFFF system should be
automatically routed to a containment system. Overflow from the containment system should be
discharged to either the sanitary sewer system or the storm drain system as directed by the
department overseeing environmental policy for the installation. Conditions for disposal will
depend upon the capability and location of the facility that would treat the effluent from the
discharge site.
Vehicular and Pedestrian Circulation.
Street System

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