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Aircraft hangars are comprised of 3 distinct areas; the hangar bay (Oh space), the
Shop/Maintenance Area (O1 level); and the Squadron Administration and Operations area (O2
level). The levels are designations from shipboard levels and are not specific to the hangar
Hangar Bay (Type 1 hangar)
The hangar bay is provided to provide "O" level maintenance to aircraft within the hangar bay.
O level maintenance includes removing engines, changing tires, etc. Layout of this space is
determined by the planning documents for the module configuration identified. The net area of
the hangar bay is defined in the module layout and is considered a fixed area. The hangar bay
may not be increased in size. Recent changes to the criteria have changed the depth of the bay
from 100' clear to 85' clear. The change will allow for additional width and will still allow for
all type I aircraft to be accommodated in the hangar bay. A plate showing the different types of
Type I aircraft is attached.
Height of the hangar bay must be evaluated based on the requirements of the aircraft expected.
A minimum height is indicated on the plates. Evaluation of the clear height should take into
account the expected use. For example, some aircraft may require a crane and the hook height
must be determined after evaluation of the needs of the squadron. Some aircraft may not require
a crane for maintenance, or there may be other cranes available to perform maintenance when the
anticipation of use is low. See the structural section for additional information and discussion
concerning the types and designs of cranes.
Hangar Bay (type II hangar)
A type II hangar generally is the same as the type I hangar bay except that it is for land based or
other large aircraft. The function of the type II hangar is the same as the type I hangar but the
size of the module is 115' deep x 240' wide. Criteria has not evaluated, nor anticipated any
changes in the size of the type II hangar bay. A plate showing the different types of Type II
aircraft is attached.
O1 Shops and Maintenance Administration
These areas are generally located on the ground floor. The two functions are to provide the
maintenance of the aircraft and the administration of the maintenance activity.
The shop area consists of the shops as required by the squadron. Different squadrons generally
have different shops, different sized shops and arrangements. Helicopter, fighter and other fixed
wing aircraft have different missions and their aircraft have different maintenance needs.
Helicopters have more parts so they generally have larger requirements for tool rooms. Fighter
squadrons have need for a specific shop to handle ejection seats. Some squadrons are operated
with small detachments and thus have their own individual shops. Some squadrons have a "Line

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