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that cross contamination with the fresh air intake can not occur, all in accordance with the
International Mechanical Code, 401.7.1 and with NFPA-90A, 2-2.1.1
The DDC system shall include an emergency shut-off switch that will immediately shut down
the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system of inhabited structures, in
accordance with AP2.6.3.
Plumbing shall be provided in accordance with NAVFAC DM 3.01 Plumbing Systems, and shall
a) Toilet and shower facilities for both sexes on both the O1 and O2 levels.
b) An adequate storm drainage system,
c) Trench drains with sufficient laterals for aeration and easy cleanout of oil or
other residue,
d) Emergency shower/eyewash fixtures and floor drains, as shown in the facility
plates and conforming to ANSI Z358.1, Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment,
e) An oil/water separator for trench drains,
f) Storm drains located a minimum of 305 mm (12 inches) from the hangar access
door rails, and
g) Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF)/sprinkler discharge collection/retention
system when required by environmental regulations.
h) Hazardous materials are used in the aircraft maintenance process. Floor drains
in the OH space and shop spaces should be tied to either the station industrial sewer or to a
collection system that will capture and hold these materials for proper disposal. The design will
comply with all applicable environmental codes.
Compressed Air
Compressed air shall be provided for all O1 level shop spaces at 0.018 m3/s (40 cfm) and 862
kPa (125 psi) and for hangar (OH) space as required by MIL-HDBK-1028/6, Aircraft Fixed
Point Utility Systems for hangar service points.
Noise and Vibration Control. Mechanical systems and equipment shall be designed to limit
noise and vibration in accordance with Army TM 5-805-4.

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