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Intercommunications System
An intercommunications system, integral to the telephone system shall be provided to
allow two-way communications between:
a) Rooms in the 01 and O2 level space except passages, locker and toilet
rooms, and storage rooms;
b) Department heads and the commanding officer and executive officers of
the squadron;
c) Officers' ready room and maintenance control
d) Administration office and maintenance administration.
Public Address System
A public address system, integral to the telephone system shall be provided to reach
interior and exterior work areas and the aircraft parking apron. A separate handset type
microphone shall be provided in the hangar (OH) space that will broadcast only to the
hangar (OH) spaces.
Telecommunications Service Requirements for Voice, Data, and Video
For telecommunication, refer to MIL-HDBK 1012/3, Telecommunications Premises
Distribution Planning, Design, and Estimating and EIA/TIA Standards Fiber Optic
Service Preferred. Additional communications outlets shall be provided as required by
mission. Additional communications outlets required shall include:
a) Base Radio System drops
b) Weather-Vision LAN
NALCOMIS Data Outlets
SIPRNET Data outlets
CATV outlets in training rooms
CCTV (video) for in house video training
CCTV (security)

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