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The inspection should result in a rating for the condition of each truss or
arch. A rating system from 0 to 100 has been developed with the number 100
rating indicating the best condition, and number 0 the worst.
1.3.1 NO ATTENTION REQUIRED.  A 100 rating is used to designate
a truss or an arch that is in excellent condition. There should be no sign of
deterioration of any type. The building is well maintained, and there is no indi-
cation of any potential problem.
number 80 rating indicates structural members are in good condition, but there
are potential problems. There may be evidence of a decay hazard such as water
stains, or surface molds indicating the presence of free water or high humidity
levels. Slight delamination or checking may be evident in glulam arches. This
rating does not mean there is a high urgency for action, but the source of these
problems should be studied and methods of eliminating them considered, includ-
ing improved maintenance.
1.3.3 MAINTENANCE OR REPAIR REQUIRED.  A 60 rating means
some deterioration has occurred, but has not reached critical levels. Some localiz-
ed decay or insect infestation is evident or connectors have become loose.
Moderate delamination may exist in glulam arches. Slight deflections may be
observed. Maintenance in the near future is required to prevent deterioration
from advancing to the next level, requiring costly repairs.
1.3.4 NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.  A rating of 40 means major
deterioration has occurred, and localized failure is imminent. This condition may
be indicated by noticeable deflections, critical areas of decay or termite damage,
or major delaminations in glulam arches. Immediate attention is required to
evaluate the safety of the building as well as to consider measures to correct
the unsafe conditions and to prevent failures that would add significant costs
to repairs needed.
1.3.5 THE BUILDING IS UNSAFE.  The number 20 and below rating
means localized failures, severe decay or termite damage, or severe displace-
ment of members has occurred, making the building unsafe. In glulam arches
the failure may be extensive delamination. This rating should be reported immedi-
ately to the Public Works Officer for consideration of closing the building.

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