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leakage may be indicated by dark streaks or other stains on the wood surface.
Special attention should be given to areas where watermarking or other evidence
of roof leaks occurs.
3.1.4-B WETTING FROM CONDENSATION. Condensation results
from cooling of air on contact with a cold surface. In many situations conden-
sate does not accumulate in damaging amounts and may be dissipated quickly.
However, accumulation of condensate may lead to growth of surface molds or
decay. Particular attention should be given to skylights or high windows, shower
rooms, laundries, and in living quarters because of the high humidities possible
3.1.4-C WETTING BY PIPED WATER.  Major leaks in water pipes are
usually found and corrected before serious damage occurs. However, minor leaks
may not be detected for some time and can be a major source of water support-
ing decay. Check for signs of leaks wherever water pipes or steam pipes are
near trusses.

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