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4.2.1 RATING GUIDE. The condition rating system is based on 100
points as discussed in Chapter 1. A rating of 100 indicates perfect condition.
and a rating of 20 or below indicates a failure situation. Intermediate ratings
mean various levels of maintenance are required. Following are illustrations (Figs.
4-2 - 4-6) that show ratings to be assigned for various conditions. These will
provide a guide in assigning an overall rating on the inspection format.
The rating. derived from the inspection format. page 4-6. can be determined
according to the following rules:
(1) For each arch, a rating of 0 to 100 is ascribed to each distress condition.
(2) The lowest rating for any distress condition becomes the overall rating
of the arch.
(3) Where two adjacent arches have overall ratings of 40. the ratings of both
shall be changed to 20.

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