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Because of the limited data available concerning solid
waste facilities and practices other than MSWLFs, EPA has
decided to revise the Part 257 Criteria in phases.  The first
phase revises the Criteria for MSWLFs.  In August 1988, EPA
proposed the revised Criteria for MSWLFs in the Federal
Register.  In addition to general environmental performance
standards, this proposal calls for a notification requirement
for industrial solid waste facilities and
construction/demolition waste landfills.  The data obtained
through these notifications and from other ongoing and planned
data collection efforts may lead to a second phase of Criteria
revisions, which would address other types of solid waste
management facilities and practices.
This proposed action would amend Part 257 by:
1) including information requirements for owners and operators
of industrial solid waste disposal facilities and
construction/demolition waste landfills and 2) excluding
MSWLFs from Part 257.  This action also would add a new Part
258 to propose specific requirements for MSWLFs, including
those that co-dispose sewage sludge with household waste.  In
addition, landfills that receive ash residue from municipal
waste combustion (MWC) facilities, including ash monofills
(i.e., landfills that receive only ash), would be subject to
these Criteria.
The new Part 258 sets forth revised minimum criteria for
MSWLFs, primarily in the form of performance standards,
including location restrictions, facility design and operating
criteria, closure and post-closure care, financial assurance,
ground-water monitoring, and corrective action requirements.
The primary goals of this rule are to establish standards that
protect human health and the environment, provide flexibility
to the States, and minimize disruption of current solid waste
management practices by taking into account the practicable
capability of the regulated community.
Part 258 will be co-promulgated under the authorities of
the Clean Water Act (CWA) and RCRA and, in part, will fulfill
EPA's mandate to promulgate regulations governing the use and
disposal of sewage sludge.  A separate regulation for sludge
monofills is being prepared for future proposal under the

Western Governors University

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