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Table of Contents -Cont.
Navy Driver's Handbook

Penal for Misuse

1.1 PURPOSE. The purpose of this handbook is to
present the driver of Navy-owned/operated motor
vehicles with instructions for the safe and efficient
operation of the vehicle. Accidents/ damage caused by
improper operation of a motor vehicle is a major drain
on Navy financial resources. Application of instructions
c o n t a i n e d herein will result in increased driver
efficiency and minimized expense.
1.2 SCOPE. The requirements and instructions which
are presented in this handbook apply to all drivers, or
operators of Navy motor vehicles except those under
t h e jurisdiction of the U.S. Marine Corps. Some
requirements and instructions do not apply in overseas
areas where left-hand driving is the custom. Status of
Forces Agreements will govern operations of Navy
motor vehicles in overseas areas.
restrictions have been placed on the use of Navy
v e h i c l e s to ensure they are operated in complete
compliance with the intent of the phrase "For Official
Use Only." Official use is defined as employment, or
authorization of employment, of such Navy motor
v e h i c l e s as may be required for the discharge or
performance of an official Navy duty, function, or
service; it does not include home-to-work travel except
for medical officers on out-patient service or for those
engaged in field work. Public Law 600, enacted by the
79th Congress; 5 USC 76(c)(2) establishes this criteria.
Section 636a(c)(2) of Title 31, United States Code,
f u r t h e r stresses official use and establishes strict
definitions of exemptions.

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