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written dispatch known as the Motor Vehicle Utilization
Record, DD Form 1970.  This form is the official
a u t h o r i z a t i o n a n d i t s u s e i s  m a n d a t o r y for all
off-station travel.  U s e of the form for on-station
travel is at the discretion of the Commanding Officer.
(Figure 1).
Unless otherwise instructed, perform the  following
preventive maintenance routines each day.
a. Before Operation. Before operating the vehicle,
make the following checks:
(1) Check tires for proper inflation, Unusual
wear and penetration of foreign objects; check to be
certain that spare tire, jack, lug-wrench, and other
necessary accessories are present and serviceable.
( 2 ) Check the  v e h i c l e visually for any
indication of fuel, coolant, lubricating oil, hydraulic
fluid, or brake system leaks.
(3) Check the fuel, engine oil, transmission
and power steering fluid, and coolant levels. In season,
check antifreeze protection.
( 4 ) Check lights, horn, signals, mirrors,
windshield wipers/washers, and seat belts for proper
tailgates/racks, side racks, headboards, winches, and
towing connections for both proper placement and
secure mountings.
( 5 ) Test the brakes and ensure there is
adequate pedal. On air brakes, ensure there is adequate
air pressure. A minimum of 60 psi is necessary before
moving the vehicle and for brake application.

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