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During Operation..
C a r e f u l l y observe the
operation of instruments, brakes, steering, engine, and
power-driven units; make notes of actual or suspected
c .  After Operation.
After operation of the
vehicle, perform the following services:
(1) Clean interior of the vehicle and make
sure that all tools and tire-changing equipment are in
t h e i r proper places.
Follow  station
regarding refueling and exterior cleaning. Trash shall
not be left in any part of the vehicle.
(2) If the vehicle is equipped with air brakes,
drain cocks should be opened to drain off condensation.
Drain cocks in air storage and reserve tanks should
remain open only long enough to ensure that all
condensation has evaporated.  Then they should be
T h i s is especially important in freezing
weather. Caution should be used when draining tanks
s i n c e this will eliminate all service brake power.
Ensure that wheels are chocked and parking brakes are
applied before draining begins.
d. Reporting Defects. If inspection of the vehicle
during any operating phase reveals deficiencies, report
them to the supervisor (dispatcher) on Operator's
Inspection Guide and Trouble Report, NAVFAC Form
9-11240/13 (12-69) (Figure 2). Indicate any item that
does not function properly. Use the space entitled
" R e m a r k s " for items not listed or for additional
Additional information may be written on the reverse
side of the form. A report of defects should be made
both before and after operating a vehicle.

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