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Keep garage doors open or connect
vehicle exhaust to ventilating system,
if available. Ensure adequate ventila-
tion at all times.
3.2 USE OF CLUTCH. The clutch is used only when
starting, stopping, or shifting gears. When waiting for
traffic lights or during prolonged stops, disengage
clutch and shift into neutral. For smooth operation of
the clutch, become familiar with the following:
(1) Where the clutch starts to engage
(2)  How  far  to
disengage the clutch
(3) Amount of free travel in the clutch pedal
with an
If  assigned  a
transmission,  consult the manufacturer's
manual for specific operating instructions.
a. Starting the Vehicle in Motion. When starting
the vehicle from a stationary position, push the clutch
pedal to the floor and shift into low gear. Increase
accelerator pressure gradually while releasing the
clutch pedal slowly.
b. Starting the Vehicle on an Upgrade. When
starting the vehicle on an upgrade, set the parking
b r a k e to prevent the vehicle from rolling back.
Increase accelerator pedal pressure and release the
clutch pedal as above,  simultaneously releasing the
parking brake to move the vehicle forward.
3.3 SHIFTING TO A HIGHER GEAR. In each gear,
sufficient speed must be built up to avoid lugging the

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