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conditions may require reduction of speed and may
require down shifting. When it is determined that it is
necessary to shift down a gear, do not delay until engine
starts to lug before shifting. The following procedure
should be used when down-shifting:
(1) Push down  o n c l u t c h p e d a l a n d
accelerator. Move gear shift lever to neutral.
(2) Release clutch pedal.
(3) Accelerate engine with clutch pedal released
and transmission in neutral. At this point engine speed
must be greater than it was when in the higher gear in
order to complete shift smoothly.
(4) Depress clutch pedal and move shift lever to
next lower gear.
(5) Gradually release clutch pedal and speed up
engine to avoid shock of engaging clutch.
Do not attempt to force transmission into
gear. If shift cannot be completed with-
out clashing gears, leave shift lever in
neutral, release clutch, re-accelerate
engine and try again.
3.5 USE OF TWO-SPEED AXLE. When operating a
vehicle with a two-speed rear axle under load, always
shift into the higher speed of the rear axle before
shifting into the next lower gear in the transmission.
Use the axle speed that will permit normal road speed

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