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or more than 8 inches away from the curb. Always use
the door on the curb side when leaving or re-entering
the parked car. Always set the handbrake.
Parking on a Hill. When parking on a hill,
set the brakes and leave the vehicle in gear. When
possible, the front wheels should be turned in toward
the curb, so as to use the curb as a wheel chock
(Figure 23). When no curb exists, turn the wheels so
the car would roll away from the road if it broke loose
while parked.
Parking on Highways. When an emergency
occurs on a highway, move the vehicle as far to the
right as possible;  when condition of the shoulder
permits, move completely off the traffic lanes (Figure
24) to avoid interfering with other traffic.
Use I-way flashers to warn motorists that
you are stopped. Follow procedures described above in
8.2, Breakdown of Navy Vehicles on the Road.
Proper Intervals for Following

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