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When parked in an unsafe location, place
flares, or kit reflectors, at proper intervals at back
and front of the vehicle (Figure 25). Flares are for
temporary use until kit reflectors can be set out.
Unattended Vehicles. Parked vehicles which
are to be left unattended must be secured properly to
protect the public and Government property.
Public Areas. When securing a vehicle on a
public street or unattended public parking lot, always
l o c k the ignition and remove the keys, set the
handbrake, put the vehicle in park or reverse gear,
close the windows, and lock the doors.  To secure
vehicles that are equipped with a toggle ignition
s w i t c h instead of a key-locked switch, turn the
steering wheel sharply to its limit, run a short chain
through the steering wheel, and padlock the chain ends
to a safety strap eyebolt.
Military Areas.
When parking vehicles
which are to be secured for the night or stored in
military parking areas, always lock the ignition and
r e m o v e the keys,  s e t the handbrake,  s e t t h e
transmission  in  park  or  reverse,  and  close  the
windows. Remove all tools or other cargo which are
not part of the vehicle equipment.
Other Considerations. When parking, always
observe the rules listed below:
(1) Do not block access to fire hydrants.
(Local regulations vary,  but maintain a minimum
clearance of 20 feet).,

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