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Quarterly Schedule.  This schedule shall list scheduled
maintenance  for  the  quarter  and  shall  be  used  to  monitor
maintenance performance.  Additionally, this schedule will reflect
periods during which the hyperbaric facility/system is scheduled
for operational use or in a duty status (e.g., standby chamber).
Figure 3-2 shows a completed Quarterly Schedule.
This  schedule
format shall be used for scheduling maintenance and shall be kept
on file as a maintenance record a minimum of 5 years or the end of
the cycle.  Daily and weekly maintenance actions shall be noted on
the line directly under the maintenance action ID #.
Note that
completed maintenance actions are simply crossed-out with an "X".
Rescheduled maintenance actions are "circled" and then rescheduled.
If the rescheduled action can be performed during the same quarter
then the identifying code is moved to a suitable week and an arrow
shows where it was rescheduled from.
If the rescheduled action
cannot be performed during the same quarter, then the identifying
code is placed in the rescheduled column for scheduling on the next
quarterly schedule.  This schedule shall be updated weekly.
Weekly  Schedule.
This  schedule  shall  list  scheduled
f o r  the  week  and  shall  be  used  to  monitor
Figure 3-3 shows a completed Weekly Schedule.
This  schedule  format  shall  be  used  for  weekly  maintenance
scheduling and shall be kept on file a minimum of one year.
that completed and rescheduled actions are handled the same way as
on the Quarterly Schedule.
These  sheets
Maintenance  Procedure  Check-Off  Sheets.
The intent is to
will be prepared for each maintenance action.
provide personnel performing the maintenance action with a
checklist to follow which includes:
materials and tools needed,
personnel requirements, and the specific procedures to be followed
in a check-list format.
Figure 3-4 shows a sample Maintenance
Check-Off Sheet in the required format.  The person conducting the
maintenance action shall initial the accomplishment of each step
in  the  procedure  as  it  is  accomplished.
conditions and problems encountered while performing maintenance
will be noted on the back of the maintenance procedure check-off
sheet.  These sheets will be stapled to the Weekly Schedule at the
end of each week and maintained on file a minimum of one year.
Unscheduled  maintenance  on  man-rated
hyperbaric  facilities can occur during two situations as follows:
Facility not conducting a manned dive.
Facility conducting a manned dive.

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