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Alternate marking methods are permissible provided such method is
an  available  option  delineated  by  applicable  specifications  or
(1) Markings shall be legible.
(2) Markings shall be so located as to not affect the
form, fit or function of the item.
(3) Markings will be permanent whenever the type, size
and condition of the material permits.
(4)  Piping will be marked 1 inch from each end.
(5)  Small  uninstalled  items  whose  type  or  condition
preclude the use of permanent markings shall be
identified as follows:
(a) Package in two "clean" clear bags (i.e., double
bag)  and  label  the  bag  with  the  required
traceable I.D. number.
(b)  Items with the same I.D. number (e.g., same lot
of fittings,  o-rings) may  be  packaged  for
storage in the same bag.
(c) Items removed from the bag for installation
shall  be  documented  by  recording  the  I.D.
number on the applicable REC sheet.
(6)  Marking  number  format  is  at  the  discretion  of
individual commands.  Sequential three digit numbers
preceded by the year the material is received is
recommended (e.g., MIC-86-001,  MIC-86-002,  etc.).
All MIC marking numbers shall be preceded by "MIC"
to identify the purpose of the marking.
Prior  to  storage,  items  such  as  valves,
fittings, hoses, gauges, etc., shall be cleaned per approved
cleaning procedures (OQE cleaning documentation from vendor is
Storage.  Materials shall be stored in a suitable area
specifically designated for the storage of life-critical components
and materials. Access to such storage area shall be controlled to
prevent inadvertent tampering with these materials.
Material  Control During  Fabrication  and
Installation. Materials requiring installation only and which have
permanent MIC I.D. numbers require no special attention other than
following  approved  installation  and  REC  procedures.  Materials
requiring additional control awareness are:
Piping.  Prior to cutting, MIC I.D. markings shall be
placed one (1) inch from the cut on both sides of the cut.

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