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Recompression Chamber (Continued)
Store or permit unknown, unauthorized,
o Make provisions for emergency lighting
or flammable materials in the chamber.
of both the inside and the outside of the
chamber. Battle lanterns dedicated for
o Splice speaker wires unless they are in a
use by directing through viewports and
box. Attach them to terminal strips or
control area are acceptable.
solder them to the speaker lugs.
o Check for cut or worn door gaskets and
Fail to keep chamber bilges clean and
replace, if required.
o Check drain valve penetrations (if
Drape electrical wire and cables across
installed) for signs of corrosion.
the outside of the chamber. Have them
supported properly or enclosed.
o Have all valves that require operation
accessible to the operator.
Have outdated copies of treatment
tables posted or available. Ensure tables
o Have additional medical support
reflect the latest changes.
telephone numbers posted in the vicinity
of the chamber, such as EDU, Panama
City 904-234-4335/51 (Autovon 436-
4351) and NMRI, Bethesda 202-295-1839
(Autovon 295-1839).

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