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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
1 - 1 . Purpose.
maintenance personnel must have access to all
other literature related to the equipment in use.
This manual covers the various types of auxiliary
This includes military and commercial technical
power generating systems used on military instal-
manuals and engineering data pertaining to their
lations. It provides data for the major components
particular plant.
of these generating systems; such as, prime movers,
b. Appendixes B through F provide details re-
generators, and switchgear. It includes operation
lated to fuel storage, lubricating oil, coolant, forms
of the auxiliary generating system components
and records, and safety (including first aid). Texts
and the routine maintenance which should be
and handbooks are valuable tools for the trained
performed on these components. It also describes
engineer, supervisor, and operator of a power plant.
the functional relationship of these components and
The manufacturers of the components publish de-
the supporting equipment within the complete sys-
tailed operating, maintenance, and repair manuals.
Instructions, applicable to the equipment, are pro-
1-2. Scope.
vided by each manufacturer and should be filed at
the plant for safekeeping and use. Replacement cop-
The guidance and data in this manual are intended
ies are available from each manufacturer.
to be used by operating, maintenance, and repair
personnel. It includes operating instructions, stan-
1-3. References.
dard inspections, safety precautions, troubleshoot-
Appendix A contains a list of references used in this
ing, and maintenance instructions. The information
manual. Other pertinent literature may be substi-
applies to reciprocating (diesel) and gas turbine
tuted or used as supplements.
prime movers, power generators, switchgear, and
subsidiary electrical components. It also covers fuel,
1-4. Explanation of abbreviations and terms.
air, lubricating, cooling, and starting systems.
a. In addition to the information contained in
Abbreviations and special terms used in this
this manual, power plant engineers, operators, and
manual are explained in the glossary.

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