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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
(3) Adaptability for wide range of liquid fuels.
(4) Controlled fuel injection.
b. The disadvantages include:
(1) High initial cost.
(2) High weight per given output.
(3) High noise level.
(4) Specialized maintenance.
(5) Fuel injection system has fine mechanical
tolerances and requires precise adjustment.
(6) Difficult cranking.
(7) Cold starting requiring auxiliary ignition
(8) Vibration.
3-3. Types of Diesel Engines.
Various configurations of single and multiple diesel
engines, either two-cycle or four-cycle are used to
drive auxiliary generators. Multi-cylinder engines
Figure 3-2 Typical small stutionary diesel
of either type can be of "V" or in-line configurations.
generator unit, air cooled
Figure 3-3. Typical large stationary diesel generator unit.

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